Special menu

Cicovice Court

Special menu

1. „Halušky“ (potato gnocchi) with cream-cheese and dill (01,03,07)
    Mushroom cream (01,07)
    Baked broccoli with chesse (07)
    Roast duck with red and white Cabbage and a variety of dumplings (01,03,07)
    President´s cake with fruit and whipped cream (01,03,07)

2. Viennese sausage with horseradish and mustard (01,10)
    Beef broth with ‘celestial’ noodles (01,03,07,09)
    Baked asparagus with smoked cheese (07)
    Roast „krkovice“ with cranberries,apple baked, potatoes baked in foil with soured cream
    and dill (07)
    „Posvícenské“ cakes (cream-cheese,jam,apple) (01,03,07)

3. Blue cheese and walnut mousse (08)
    Chicken soup with house noodles (01,03,07,09)
    Grilled aubergine with yoghurt and cucumber salad (07)
    Salmon steak with herb butter, potatoes (07)
    Fruit dumplings with whipped strawberry cream (01,03,07)

V.I.P. drinks

200ml vintage red wine, pilsner beer, coffee and after meal drink as you wish( cognac, sparkling wine, 12 yr old Whisky), These drinks are served consecutively.
Special Menu includes a traditional folklore programme( dulcima folk band, folk dancing). Chosen menu as you wish, special drinks, water, bread, coffee and unlimited beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the price.
The guide and bus driver eat free.

Price for Special menu 1500,- CZK
(Transfer hotel, Restaurant, hotel).

Evening programmes start between 6pm and 8 pm
Lunchtime programmes start between 12 noon and 1pm

For more information call +420 608 339 011, +420 608 339 006

Disabled Access

bezbariérový přístup

All areas are accessible to disabled.


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